revela las principales tendencias de viaje para 2017

por Beonprice - 9 marzo, 2017 Unveils Major Travel Trends for 2017 

As the world´s leading online accommodations booking site, has privileged access to certain technology and knowledge. 

In 2015, the giant´s earning  profits were 2.3 million euros, representing a 5´3 percent increase over the previous year´s earnings of 2.4 million dollars. In turn, the Priceline Group is the second largest consumer of advertising on Google, with an expenditure of around 82,3 millones de dólares. The Priceline Group´s diversification of services and spirit of improvement has contributed to its continued growth and has allowed them to make strategic moves, such as their purchase of the restaurant reservation portal Open Table for 1.9 million euros. From the outside, the Priceline Group may seem like a tourist company, but it is nothing more than a company based on technology, and innovation who continually seeks to make the traveler’s journey seamless and enjoyable. conducted a survey of more than 13,000 travelers and shared a list of key travel trends for businesses in the tourism industry to consider and adopt to their business strategy. Rather than generate a new demand, it is far more intelligent and economic to structure the supply on the real demand. Therefore, we recommend that you take out pencil and paper and take notes on what this giant in the travel and technology industry has to say about traveler decision-making. 

  • Take advantage of mobile offerings 

According to 44 percent of travelers expect to plan their vacation with just a few taps on their mobile screen and more than half of travelers (52%) believe they will use their travel apps more in 2017. The important role mobile devices play in travel decision-making processes  is not a novelty. Mobile hotel booking is expected to increase in the years to come as hotels provide richer information and personalized offers.

  • Opt for the business traveler

According to percent of business travelers think they will travel more during 2017 and 49 percent of business travelers already extend their trips to enjoy the destination more”. Destinations have a great opportunity with business travelers. Possible focus points for your hotel to consider this year are capturing traveler attention, repurposing your products and services and extending traveler stay. 

  • Feed traveler´s strong appetite for adventure 

The survey revealed that 45 percent of travelers plan to be more adventurous in their choice of destination this year, while 47 percent would like to visit places that none of their friends have explored before. Differentiation and disruption in the travel industry become more important for travelers. Travelers are becoming more attracted by destinations less “exploited” that are shying away from the hustle and bustle of typical tourist destinations. 

  • Pave the way for well-being travel

According to percent of travelers are interested in spa and relaxation trips, and 38 percent of travelers are interested in having a healthy/well-being travel experience in 2017”. Travelers are more health conscious so hotels must upgrade and adapt to the growing demand. 

  • Supply the demand for sustainable travel found that more than a third (36%) of travelers plan to choose more environmentally-friendly travel options in 2017. Going green has become increasingly attractive for both travelers and businesses and we have verified this once again this year in FITUR. The green movement adopted by hoteliers has been a differentiating factor for travelers when booking. As more travelers become more interested in ecotourism travel, tourist agents should consider adapting their strategic actions to cater to this demand. 

  • Stick to the simple and authentic approach 

According to Booking:Fifty-eight percent of respondents plan to spend money on experiences rather than spend money on material things while traveling in 2017”. Travelers seek to maximize their “investment” without skimping out on the authenticity of the travel experience. More and more travelers are opting for simple pleasures and are less attracted by extra services that aren’t necessary and that don’t add value to their travel experience. 

  • Highlight the human element 

According to Forty-two percent of respondents said they would not stay in an accommodation with unfriendly and unattentive staff». The human touch in customer service continues to be a hallmark of travel.  Travelers value having personalized service, being called by name, and interacting with wonderful staff. Despite all the tech solutions available in the hospitality sector, it is a hotel´s excellent service that makes it stand out and is sured to be remembered and cherished by travelers.  

  • Nourish the traveling spirit 

The survey revealed 44 percent of respondents imagine a future where we will be able to enjoy vacationing in the furthest corners of the planet or in the depths of the ocean. Tourism is still the “industry of happiness.” By catering to the traveler’s appetite for adventure and discovery of the unknown and creating more innovating products, you can stand out from the competition. Travelers want to test new limits so the market needs to be ready to fulfill that demand. 

2017 opens up a whole new world of opportunities to all those who are visionaries and who are able to adapt to new traveler demands and necessities. The market continues its path of change and evolution and it is up to hoteliers if they want to jump on the bandwagon of innovation and continuous improvement. has shared valuable information and at Beonprice we hope that many of you can benefit from this knowledge. So we encourage you to continue on the road to improvement. Success is at the end of the road. 

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