5 Reasons to Use SMS to Enhance Your Hotel Experience

by usuario4 usuario4 - 4 October, 2017

5 Reasons to Use SMS to Enhance Your Hotel Experience

With the increasingly widespread use of mobile devices, SMS marketing has been incorporated into global marketing and sales strategies of destination hotels and resorts.

One way to nurture your guests and enhance their interaction with your hotel is by integrating SMS technology into your hotel processes. According to Infoe SMS is one of the most reliable and effective communication channels with a 90% open rate. The instant deliverability of SMS is one advantage. From the moment an SMS is received, it takes less than 3 minutes for the message to be opened and read.

SMS offers hoteliers the possibility to reach consumers directly and instantly. For example, you can send personalized offers, ask for feedback, make recommendations, etc. SMS is also a simple and efficient way to reward loyal guests and increase brand loyalty by sending loyalty packages and exclusive offers.

Email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns aim to capture as many new guests, increase guest loyalty, and enhance the guest experience. These three objectives are essential and necessary for the hospitality industry. Successful communication consists of adapting the message to the right moment, user, and place. Here are some ways your hotel can use SMS:

  • Offer exclusive deals. Personalization and exclusivity are key elements in tourism. Sending offers through your hotel’s CRM allows you to personalize all communication to traveler needs. Analyze consumer history and transactions to help you launch personalized offers and deals with high earning potential. It’s easier to add value and communicate to travelers who’ve already stayed at your hotel, requested information in the past, or are in the inspirational phase of travel.

  • Confirm reservations. When running a hotel, quality customer service is essential. When a hotel guest makes a reservation at your hotel, send a quick text message to confirm their reservation. This will make guests feel confident in their reservations. You can also send text confirmations and reminders when guests make a reservation at your restaurant or spa.

  • Share activities and events. During their stay, guests like to know about different activities and events taking place in the community or at your hotel. Before your guests’ arrive, send them a quick text about local events that they may find interesting. You could also generate a calendar of events and share this information via text to generate traffic and improve your hotel’s visibility.

  • Use SMS for room service orders. If your hotel offers room service, you may want to set up text messaging to allow your guests to make specific requests such as order food. You can also send an instant confirmation once the order has been received and another when their order is on the way. Offering this convenient service for your guests will make them more comfortable and help you improve guest satisfaction.

  • Collect guest feedback. Make it easy and quick for guests to tell you about their stay by sending your guests a survey via text. Send your guests a survey while the experience is still fresh and encourage them to write a review if they were satisfied with their hotel experience.

It’s important for hotel management professionals to understand that great communication with guests is essential for improving guest satisfaction and retention, regardless of the channel used. So go ahead and take advantage of the many benefits text messaging can offer your hotel!

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