Beonprice Presents Its New Brand Image

by usuario4 usuario4 - 20 January, 2018

Beonprice Presents Its New Brand Image

Beonprice has redesigned its brand image based on its values, moving away from those of the traditional technological world and adopting a more human, innovative and friendly approach in order to make it ever more accessible to professionals in the hotel business. We call this vision Customer-Centric Revenue Management.

This change in image is a natural step in the process of brand evolution, in which a more complete service is offered according to the needs of hoteliers, which offers them a complete vision of their business, combing high technology with ease of use, proximity and customer support.

The benefits of this evolution in the company are described by its CEO, Rubén Sánchez, in the following terms: “We have taken a qualitative leap by pursuing a philosophy in line with the real needs of hoteliers, offering a strategic revenue management solution for hotels based on customized prices and, above all, helping the commercial, marketing, financial and distribution departments to make better decisions “.

We are transforming our service levels

We are not only changing our design, but also the way we work with our clients, adopting a closer, simpler and more human approach. Our goal is to help hotel managers to be better at what they do, offering them the best possible technology and training in the business.

We want to be a technological partner to hotels, providing strategic revenue management solutions to automate pricing, distribution, loyalty and strategy, empowering revenue managers to achieve maximum profitability.

This commitment is reflected in new areas of the company where customer experience is the most important consideration. Therefore, we have adapted our service levels to every revenue manager’s particular way of working, adding a mentoring process that will assist our clients along the way, thus making the experience more complete and efficient.

You need only choose the level of service that best suits you at a specific moment, without worrying about how it will affect progress in future development.

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