Boost Your Hotel’s Online Visibility

by usuario4 usuario4 - 6 November, 2017

Boost Your Hotel’s Online Visibility

The battle for organic and paid traffic has occurred for years.

Analyzing the costs of positioning and determining the most profitable actions will also be the responsibility of the hosting Revenue Manager.

According to data provided by Google, 60% of leisure travelers and 55% of business travelers use search engines to plan their trips. It’s important to analyze search results since it’s a determining factor for capturing traffic and for developing different content strategies. You can generate specific content for the phase in which the traveler is- the dreaming phase, the researching phase, the booking phase, during the trip, etc.  It’s also important to remember to design a strategy of visibility on results.

Despite its complex nature, search engine rankings provide vital information to your establishment. If we associate this with Google constantly updating its algorithms and relevant factors to improve SEO, this work becomes a “sport of risk” by immersing ourselves in a truly relevant and profitable positioning strategy. The MOZ platformis one of the most widely known SEO service providers. You can also find some of these factors in an interesting article published in Hosteltur’s online newspaper entitled “SEO factors to improve the positioning of your hotel’s website”.

Immersed in a positioning approach, regardless of the platform

Whether you talk about organic positioning (SEO) or paid positioning, it’s important to focus part of your digital strategy on improving your online visibility, not only in search engines, but on platforms as well. and Tripadvisor are another type of positioning, aimed more at factors such as price, reviews or facility type.

The objective of the marketing department is to look at all the platform details and analyze conversion rates. Using your budget as reference, you must analyze your competitors’ positioning and develop efficient actions that optimize resources without decreasing distribution capacity.

Reasons to improve your positioning strategies

  • Ad relevance in terms of demand. Positioning should be seen as opportunity to provide targeted traffic information they need. Moreover, advertising does not appear to be devalued, but has rather gained in popularity. As mentioned in this article by Hospitalitynet clicks on Google Adwords have increased by 10%.

  • Analyze the market with additional information.  Paid visibility helps your hotel offer the user the information they need and increase direct bookings. On the other hand, for a better understanding of the market it’s a good exercise to analyze and synthesize ideas using Keywords.

  • Organic searches are clearly devalued on mobile devices. Because text ads are increasingly appearing at the top of search results, organic results are listed further down on mobile devices. The user has to scroll down further on a mobile device when the same search results could be visible on one desktop or laptop screen

  • Social media is becoming increasingly popular for bookings. More travelers are drawing their destination inspiration from social media. Even users over 65 years of age have increased their social media use by more than 40% according Hospitalitynet. Paid visibility will more than likely evolve into organic traffic in search engines within the natural process of searching for information.

  • Phone calls increase with Adword position.According to Google, call extensions in Google Adwords can increase click through rates up to 5%. Some users prefer to book by phone rather than online.

  • Destinos de Google hace que sea aún más fácil reservar con el móvil. La parte de Destinations on Google is making it even easier to book with your mobile phone. Users can find and book trips with minimal effort. This is especially helpful and relevant to travelers who are at the destination and are in search of information to solve a problem or are looking for ways to enrich their experience. 

Although there are some hotels that still have to optimize their SEO and increase their organic rankings, the key is to invest in both organic and paid marketing. The battle for generating qualified traffic will continue to rage on and Revenue Managers will need to analyze acquisition costs and channel profitability. 

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