Success Story – Hotel Axor Barajas

by Julia Rey - 21 June, 2022

How Axor Barajas managed to automate its Revenue Management processes and build a more efficient team

Beonprice Axor Barajas

The Challenge

Hoteles Axor is a Spanish company with 500 rooms in 2 properties. In November 2018, with a one-person Revenue Management team, they realised that they needed to optimise their processes. The market intelligence tool they were using was not enough to cover all their needs. They needed to be more agile to detect variations in demand, identify days with room for improvement and guide pricing decisions based on a deeper understanding of demand. The need to optimise data collection times was key to the decision to implement new tools.

“The human approach, the team’s willingness and availability, and the fact of having a partner that shares your goals and objectives, has given us the confidence and security to implement this project, and improve our Revenue Management processes.” – Salvador Villalba, Commercial Director at Hoteles Axor

Beonprice Axor Barajas

The Solution

To optimise and automate processes, Axor Hotels decided to use the Beopnrice RMS.

The agility in the implementation and the training and monitoring by Beonprice’s revenue managers allowed the Axor Hotels team to quickly and efficiently integrate the use of the RMS into their day-to-day operations. The ease of use of the solution encourages the involvement of other departments in the analysis of information, and facilitates decision making within the strategic framework of the company, including the management team and not just the revenue manager.

The confidence of having a Spanish company, which shares the values and objectives of the hotel, was also a decisive aspect in the implementation of this partnership.

Beonprice Axor Barajas

The Results

The RMS allows the day-to-day work in the Revenue Management area to be optimised. Variations in demand can be detected quickly, with the possibility of correcting the strategy in an agile manner.
The efficiency of processes and the optimisation of the time dedicated to decision making, involving the management team, results in a progressive increase in ADR in all segments.

“Beonprice’s RMS contributes among other factors to the increase of ADR. It allows the Revenue Manager to focus on dates that need it, working in a simpler, more efficient and very visual way. It also facilitates the daily work of the sales management and groups when the Revenue Manager is not present.” – Salvador Villalba, Commercial Director at Hoteles Axor





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