Success Story – Dante Hotels

by Julia Rey - 21 June, 2022

How Dante Hotels managed to improve its pricing strategy and the market positioning of each of its hotels.

Beonprice Dante

The Challenge

Dante Hoteles is a Spanish company with 3 properties in Barcelona and Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava). In July 2020, after the crisis in the tourism sector caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they needed to automate processes to optimise results. With an urban hotel and a leisure hotel in different destinations, they were looking to simplify the data search procedures and obtain more reliable information. In addition, agility and speed in identifying long-term variations was key to being able to react efficiently and not miss opportunities to attract demand.

“Having access to forward-looking data in real time has been a turning point in the work of the Revenue Management team. The assistance of Beonprice’s support team and Revenue Managers has helped us to optimise our strategy.” – Cristian Pérez, Operations Manager at Hoteles Dante

Beonprice Dante

The Solution

To streamline the search for information and automate decision-making, Dante Hotels decided to use Beopnrice’s RMS.

During the implementation process, they opened up the possibility to modify their pricing structure. They moved from a system of pre-configured price levels to working on the basis of open pricing. This change meant a greater maturity of the team and a leap towards a more advanced Revenue Management work.

The reduction of manual work, coupled with access to better business knowledge thanks to the availability of data, increased the efficiency of the team and facilitated decision making. In addition, the automatic sending of rates to the distribution channels ensures error-free information exchange.

Beonprice Dante


The Results

Starting to work with Beonprice’s RMS opened up the possibility for Dante Hotels to rethink their pricing strategy, moving from a price level system to an open pricing system, which is much more dynamic and profitable. The possibility of obtaining detailed long-term information, and having alerts of demand variation with sufficient time in advance to be able to make decisions, led to an increase in revenue.

“Beonprice’s RMS has allowed us to re-position ourselves in the market, streamlining our revenue management processes and increasing our operating margins.” – Cristian Pérez, Operations Manager at Hoteles Dante


Beonprice Dante Hoteles

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