Cancellations and No Show in Madrid and Barcelona

by Julia Rey - 19 March, 2020

Updating data on cancellations and no shows in Madrid and Barcelona (updated on 03/18/2020)

Last week, together with advice on how to act in the current situation, we shared data on the cancellation rate in Madrid and Barcelona. We have updated this data and added relevant information also about no shows. We will continue to share this data with you to help you assess the performance of your market and developing trends.

Unfortunately, the trend in both cities in recent days continues to be negative, with Madrid being somewhat more affected than Barcelona at the moment. 


Total Room nights (by arrival date): following the 2019 trend until March 8, where the number of reservations begins to drop dramatically. The difference with the same time last year is obviously considerable, we see how the reservations were growing at the same dates last year.

Cancellation ratio (by arrival date): The cancellation percentage begins to grow on March 8, reaching almost 100% between the 16th and the 17th of the same month.

No shows ratio: It is striking to observe the curve of no shows in Madrid, as it begins to grow on March 7 to reach its turning point on the 14th (almost 60%), when the state of alarm is declared in Spain, then it begins to decrease, while cancellations continue to grow.


Total Room nights (by arrival date): It follows the same behavior as the curve of room nights in Madrid, they begin to fall from March 8 to 9.

Cancellation ratio (by arrival date): although the trend is the same as in Madrid, the cancellation ratio is lower, reaching its peak on March 17 with 87%.

No show ratio: in this graph, in addition to clearly seeing the peak of no shows that there was for the MWC, the trend is also increasing as of March 12, but it should be noted that in addition to the percentage being much lower than in Madrid, there is no turning point, it continues to grow.

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