Digitisation and sustainability, key trends at TIS Sevilla 2022

by Lola Buendia - 8 November, 2022

The Tourism Innovation Global Summit, the European technology event for the tourism sector, brought together in its third edition more than 6,000 professionals, over 400 international experts and 150 leading technology firms, who met in Seville to discuss trends, new tourism models and innovative solutions for the tourism industry.

With digitisation and sustainability at its core, the meeting highlighted the industry’s need for a realistic global view on consumer trends, which have been influenced in recent years by the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic.

The event brought together hotel chains, technology companies and internationally renowned professionals such as Gerd Leonhard, renowned for his experience in companies such as Microsoft, NBC, Visa, Google and the European Commission, who encouraged attendees to evolve towards a holistic vision of tourism that contributes to developing more sustainable models. To this end, digitalisation is presented as the fundamental lever capable of boosting the profitability and competitiveness of tourism companies and destinations.

In this regard, Alex Barros, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Beonprice, agreed in highlighting the importance of digitisation in improving hotel profitability, an aspect that is in line with the company’s new vision, oriented towards total hotel profitability through a guest-centric approach and sustainability.

During his presentation at TIS Seville, Barros explained how hotel technology currently available on the market allows for optimising revenue per hotel room, but neglects other sources of revenue.

In addition, in order to establish the hotel’s pricing strategy, revenue managers must analyse information from different data sources that are often disconnected from each other. This, and the lack of digitisation in hotels, forces them to work in silos, wasting time performing manual tasks and preventing them from identifying the most profitable revenue channels.

Beonprice works to guide the revenue manager towards achieving total profitability, with the guest at the centre of the strategy. Beonprice’s advanced revenue management software includes functionalities that go beyond room revenue management.


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