Product Update: Double Segmentation

by Julia Rey - 30 September, 2021

Product Update: Double Segmentation

Beonprice introduces its new double segmentation functionality, which will allow hoteliers to better understand their demand and improve distribution.

Segmentation is a key functionality for any hotelier. Having a good segmentation implies knowing the hotel’s demand and its distribution so that the optimization of RevPAR, commercial and/or marketing campaigns, cost management, etc. can be more successful.

The new Beonprice functionality provides a complete segmentation that includes both market and channel and allows customisation adapted to each property. This way, the hotelier will have access to a high granularity in data analysis and receive price recommendations and restrictions by sales channel.


Beonprice Segmentation


Market and Channel Segmentation

Understanding the demand and distribution are key to making strategic decisions in a hotel. In order not to lose any detail, Beonprice offers you both levels of analysis with the most complete view of your data.

  • Create your personalized segmentation according to your needs without having to change the way you work.
  • Analyze your data in the smallest detail about performance and forecast crossing information of segments, spaces and rate plans to adjust your strategies in the best way.
  • Maximize your distribution with the new recommendations and restrictions by channel.


Do you want to fully customize your segmentation at Beonprice?

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