How Luna Hotels increased their RevPAR with Beonprice

by Beonprice - 28 October, 2022

Luna Hotels & Resorts

Luna Hotels & Resorts uses Beonprice as a technological partner to improve their revenue management processes and optimise their business results.

The Hotel Group

LUNAHOTEIS S.A. is a company with Portuguese capital linked to the tourism activity, which has been developing a clear and dynamic commitment to this sector.

In 2006, the LUNA HOTELS & RESORTS brand was created, which includes in its portfolio a total of 13 units distributed in the North, Centre and Algarve regions.

Luna Hoteis
Miramar Luna Hoteis

The Challenge 

A couple of years ago, the Revenue Management & E-commerce department of Luna Hotels & Resorts started a project to reorganise the daily work procedures and the team. The main part of this project was implementing a roadmap in the technology area that allowed them to integrate bookings online and connect their Channel Management with their PMS.

In order to improve their processes through technology, they had to adjust their segmentation and review and adapt their rate structure, optimising their strategies. This led them to the need of automating data processing, and making data readable and actionable. So, the next step was definitely choosing the right Revenue Management System and implementing it.

The Solution

After analysing several options on the market, Beonprice was definitely at the top of the list and became a partner in less than three months.

The HQI™ (Hotel Quality Index), the competitive analysis and the constant update of the algorithm even during pandemic times played a strong role in their decision to start working with Beonprice, as well as the recommendations of rates and sale strategies. The certified integration with their PMS and Channel Manager was crucial.

Luna hoteis habitación

Constant communication with the dedicated beonprice account manager, is a super plus for the daily work. They are qualified revenue managers that understand our needs and make the whole process quick and easier to manage from the configuration stage. We were never left alone. Our account manager is always there to keep us growing.”, – Sonia Coixao, Sales Director at Luna Hotels & Resorts.

Luna Hotels & Resorts

The Results

After the first quarter of using Beonprice’s RMS, Luna Hotels and Resorts objectives were met, in two main aspects:

  • RevPAR index improved
  • Process and time were optimised

The expectation is to continue growing in the next few years, thanks to the data analysis and pricing recommendations that Beonprice’s RMS is providing on a daily basis. The fact that the RMS is taking care of all repetitive tasks, and giving access to qualified data,  allows Luna Hotels team to focus on strategic thinking, being more efficient every day and optimising their total profit.

Beonprice’s RMS provides us with quick access to daily information, in addition to the analysis of the main KPI’s, the pick up behaviour, the rate shopper tool and the pricing recommendations. It definitely maximises my time, and I believe the time of any revenue manager.”, – Sonia Coixao, Sales Director at Luna Hotels & Resorts.

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