How to become a hotel manager superstar: 10 essential skills to achieve success

by Beonprice - 28 October, 2022

A hotel manager is a bit like a circus ringmaster. They pull all the strings together to ensure that every process in a hotel runs as smoothly as possible so that guests get the best possible experience when they come to stay. And this requires possessing a variety of skills, including leadership, people management, public relations, team building, revenue planning, etc. And that is what we are going to discuss in this post. That way, you will understand how to become a hotel manager superstar and build a reputable and profitable business.


The best hotel managers understand the fundamental importance of using the right digital tools and technology. This includes central reservation systems, booking platforms, reputation management tools, property management solutions, and revenue management software. Having a strong command of all these hotel management tools helps you increase productivity, improve your market positioning, and create a solid reputation that attracts guests to your hotel and, ultimately, boosts your revenue and profits.

Talent management

A hotel manager also needs the right skills to attract and retain top hospitality industry talent to their establishment. This means being able to spot potential candidates who would be a good fit for your hotel and creating a working environment where employees are motivated to do their best.

You also need skills related to staff planning so that you can avoid potential overstaffing or understaffing issues. This involves understanding fluctuating levels of demand and forecasting and planning employee schedules accordingly. Plus, you need to make sure that the entire workforce has received the training they need to offer the highest level of service to guests.

Public relations

A hotel manager is the face of the hotel in the media. They need to be able to effectively coordinate with the public and work with public relations and marketing departments in order to build the best possible reputation for the hotel. This includes collaborating on press releases, coordinating events, maintaining positive media relations, and having an input in any promotional materials that are created for the hotel, such as photographs for booking sites and brochures.

Engagement with local institutions

When guests come to stay at your hotel, they aren’t just there for a comfortable bed – they also expect a positive experience at every stage of their stay. And this means being able to recommend local restaurants, tours, and activities so that guests can create positive memories of their time in your town or city. 

In order to do this effectively and offer quality recommendations, you need to build a network of connections with local institutions. A hotel manager therefore needs to build relationships with local business owners so that they can offer their guests the best positive experience and keep them coming back for more.

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Sustainability and ethical business practices have never been more important for consumers. Guests these days favour brands that commit to making a positive impact in the communities in which they operate, and on the planet as a whole.

The best hotel managers understand this and work to implement measures that help them boost their reputation as a sustainable business. These measures often include initiatives for reducing waste and carbon footprints, helping the local community, and sourcing ethical local suppliers. 


Effective cost management is also a vital skill for this profession. A hotel manager needs to understand how to control costs whilst still maintaining a high level of customer service. After all, the ultimate goal of managing a hotel is maximising revenue and profits. 

To achieve this, a hotel manager needs skills related to managing budgets and expenses, tracking revenue streams, establishing sales targets, and boosting profit. They also need to understand how to effectively analyse data in order to forecast demand, identify profitable market segments, and create optimised pricing strategies.


Excellent communication skills are vital for running a hotel. This goes for communication with guests, as well as communication with employees. You need to have the right skills to manage customer complaints, communicate your expectations to employees, and handle potential staff disputes. You also need to serve as a central liaison for every department within your hotel so that information channels between teams run as efficiently as possible.


The same goes for leadership. Every successful hotel has a strong leader at its helm. As a hotel manager, you need to guide your employees, delegate duties, and resolve potential issues. You also need to motivate each and every member of your workforce so that everyone understands the importance of working towards one common goal. In other words, you need to lead by example so that employees understand what is expected of them. 

Team building

Team-building skills are vital for hotel managers. It’s all about creating a motivated and well-coordinated team that works as a single unit in the eyes of all your guests. You need to be able to resolve any conflict that might arise so that every interaction that a guest has with your hotel is pleasant, positive, and cooperative. The more cohesive your team is, the better the experience that your guests will have.

Total profitability approach in revenue management

Finally, when it comes to understanding how to become a hotel manager superstar, perhaps the most important skill you need is knowing how to implement a total profitability approach to revenue management

Total profitability in revenue management is all about taking into account each and every revenue stream in your business and using the right performance data and analytics to accurately predict demand and anticipate market trends. That way, you can optimise your profit margin and generate the most profit for your hotel.

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