Product update: inventory and rate structure

by Julia Rey - 30 September, 2021

Product update: inventory management and rate structure

Beonprice allows you to optimise your time and pricing strategies, allowing for greater flexibility in inventory configuration.

The configuration of the inventory and rate structure is key for the system and the RMS algorithm to understand how a hotel’s strategies are designed and to be able to visualise the data accordingly.

The new version of Beonprice’s inventory configuration allows you to respect the way each property works, without having to change its rate structures. Whether you work with price levels or open prices, and whether or not you use indexed rates, you can adapt the configuration to your work structure.


Beonprice inventory


Inventory management and rate plan structure

This configuration is key to be able to help you in the analysis and optimization of your strategies. That is why we want to optimize your time by making this task more agile.

  • Flexibility is our priority. Beonprice adapts to multiple types of rates, being able to configure: dynamic rates (with open price or by price levels), indexed or fixed for any occupation and/or meal plan.
  • New data, greater accuracy in decision making. We include new information such as allotment by rate plan, travel and reservation dates, etc.


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