More Than 75 Hoteliers at Beonprice’s  Business Breakfast

by usuario4 usuario4 - 23 March, 2018

More Than 75 Hoteliers at Beonprice’s  Business Breakfast

On Wednesday, March 21, a working breakfast was jointly organized by Beonprice, Roiback, and Google at the Hotel Plaza de Bogotá in the Colombian capital.

The event was attended by more than 75 professionals from the hotel sector, who followed each speaker’s presentation with great interest, participating proactively in the subsequent question and answer session.

The event also enjoyed the support of COTELCO (Association of Hotels and Tourism of Colombia). The director of studies and research at COTELCO, Luis Alejandro Pico, was the first to take the stage and talk about plans for innovation and technological development in the Colombian hotel industry.

Rubén Sánchez, CEO and co-founder of Beonprice, a technology company specialized in offering strategic revenue management solutions, focused his presentation on how to achieve the best price management based on demand and competition in the current market.

During his talk, Rubén Sánchez spoke about how the use of technology can help digitally transform the hotel sector.

The Colombian market was involved in breaching the digital divide and improving the traditional method used until now to become more strategic and less operational, making decisions with greater efficiency and more accurate data.

The third speaker, Toni Omañas, director of América and Nuevos Mercados de Roiback, spoke about the benefits of the direct channel and the strategic treatment it offers compared to other distribution channels.  During his speech, Omañas referred to the current interrelation between direct sales and OTAs.

Finally, Gabriel Parra, Director of Strategic Partners of Google in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean, closed the presentation session with a very interesting talk about the importance of maximizing brand exposure to increase traffic and visits to hotel webpages.

It was a highly significant and popular event, with its numerous attendees eager to digitally transform their hotel businesses and adapt to the new needs of the market as illustrated by Beonprice’s roadshow in Colombia.

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