One Shot Hotels: A success story

by Julia Rey - 25 March, 2022

We talked to Juanma García, Sales & Revenue Manager at One Shot Hotels, who tells us about the experience of starting to work with Beonprice, from the decision process to the implementation of the Revenue Management solution, and how it has impacted the company’s results.

Juanma García One Shot

Q: What is One Shot like and how are your hotels different?

A: We are a young chain with eleven boutique hotels in which each one of them is unique: a limited edition with its own sensibility, like a photograph, hence our name. An unbeatable location in the centre of the six cities where we are located, together with the uniqueness of the buildings and the commitment to quality and comfort of the interior design projects, merge in each hotel with our passion for art. Our committed and dynamic team completes the perfect formula so that when you stay at One Shot Hotels you will find everything you need and nothing that you don’t. 


Q: What led you to make the decision to implement an RMS?

A: Initially, we were driven by the growth of our chain, but it was equally important to invest in technology in the area of revenue management, in order to optimise our resources in this area by digitising certain processes, as well as potentially improving the return on our strategy. The heterogeneous nature of our hotels, as well as the demand itself, also made us consider the need to refine our segmentation and increase our actions accordingly. 


Q: Why Beonprice?

A: We began to evaluate potential partners in February 2020, having to put the project aside shortly after and resuming it at the end of 2021. What seemed like it could have been a dead time for many, for Beonprice it was a revulsive to improve and develop its tool, reducing the possible distance with other proposals in the market. The synergies between the companies, the closeness and flexibility of the whole team and the opportunity to be part of Beonprice Labs through the Alianza Hotelera were also decisive. 


Q: What problems does Beonprice solve and what aspects of your business has its implementation impacted?

A: We are at an early stage so we can’t talk about many impacts at the moment, but it is obvious that it immediately reduces time and possible human errors in data manipulation and data collection, and speeds up the integration of our pricing strategies through the two-way connection with the PMS and the Channel Manager.    


Q: Nowadays, hotels have a wide range of software options at their disposal, what other solutions besides Beonprice does One Shot use? (PMS or others).

A: We currently work with Protel as PMS and D-Edge as Channel Manager, those are the main solutions we currently use. 


Q: With so much technology on offer, what is most important when choosing the best “tech stack” (combination of technology solutions for the hotel)?

A: Of course, a complete and manageable integration between these solutions is a must today; it is still all too common that we encounter blockages due to lack of connectivity at some levels between different tools and whose solution is ad-hoc developments that become time-consuming, costly and sometimes remain incomplete.  


Q: What advice would you give to other hoteliers who are considering implementing an RMS?

A: They should make a check-up of their current situation to assess their needs, get a rough idea of where they want to go in order to evaluate the proposals on the market, talk to their suppliers of other PMS solutions to check the strength of a possible integration, and last but not least, be open to the many changes that an RMS can offer not only in the working method but also in the way of doing revenue management. 

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