Product Update: Pick-up improvements

by Julia Rey - 23 February, 2022

Beonprice introduces improved visualisation of pick-up data within RMS

The pick-up indicates the variation, from one query date to another, of a KPI for a given period. It can be expressed in terms of Occupancy, RoomNights, ADR, Revenue or RevPAR.

The Beonprice RMS displays pick-up data in different areas of the solution, and in this new product update, improvements to the visualisation have been introduced, including new data in the pick-up tab of the RMS pop-up window, according to users’ needs:

  • Users can now compare the room pick-up with the overall hotel pick-up.
    The pick-up will also be displayed broken down by segment.
    The pick-up calculation for the current month has been improved, especially for ADR.

This information will simplify on a single screen all the data needed to analyse the hotel’s situation and facilitate decision making.

Beonprice pick up

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