Success Story – HM Hotels

by Julia Rey - 21 June, 2022

How the HM Hotels achieved a RevPAR growth of 11% within 6 months after starting to use Beonprice’s Revenue Hub to optimize their revenue management strategies

Beonprice HM Hoteles

The Challenge

  • Time-intense competition- monitoring, leaving no time to take strategic and data-informed decisions.
  • Lack of RMS that is able to integrate with Property Management Systems across the chain.
  • Very rudimentary reporting functions, including only occupancy charts, price variations and predictions of only one week ahead.

“For us, it has been a breakthrough. There is a before and after at the level of mentality change and hotel marketing. We needed to invest in technology and tools that would help us on a day-to-day basis and take advantage of the benefits of Big Data, and with Beonprice we have achieved it. You have to be there because if you don’t, you can’t grow.” – Estelle Lavoine, E-commerce Director at HM Hotels.


Beonprice HM Hoteles

The Solution

HM Hotels has started to maximize not only time-efficiency, but also the RevPAR by using
a unique AI-driven software optimizing room rates based not only on competitor insights, but on many more factors.

Serious analysis of the software landscape and strong collaboration with Beonprice’s integrations team to ensure optimal compatibility with all relevant systems.

Provision of reports on all relevant KPI’s, customizable to the chain’s preferences and accurate price recommendations 365 days ahead.


The Results

Beonprice HM Hotels






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