The Best Articles About Beonprice in Hosteltur

by usuario4 usuario4 - 1 December, 2016

The best articles about Beonprice in Hosteltur

Here you can find all the articles published about Beonprice in Hosteltur.

14-07-2016 Press release. Mirai y Beonprice integrate to improve price transparency.

26-04-2016 Press release. Salamanca advances in its aim as an intelligent destination with a tool that analyzes the main tourist variables of interest.

18-03-2016 Press release. Galicia is emerging as an ideal destination for new travelers seeking authenticity and unique experiences.

21-11-2016 News. Proud to be a hotelier.

21-11-2016 News. Technology that allows hoteliers to regain control of their hotel’s distribution.

14-11-2016 News. The Congress of Spanish Hoteliers will gather half a thousand hospitality professionals.

114-10-2016 News. Hoteliers Congress: distribution, technology and business management.


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