The Revenue Breakfast Club

by Vanessa Hernández - 30 November, 2021

Beonprice creates a new meeting point for revenue managers, with the aim of discussing current events in the sector in a relaxed atmosphere.

What is The Revenue Breakfast Club?

#TheRevenueBreakfastClub by Beonprice is a great way to update your knowledge for the challenges of the new hotel world. It takes place in a face-to-face meeting, enjoying a delicious breakfast and good company.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we meet with professionals from the sector, sharing our vision about the transformation of revenue strategies, digitisation and innovation.

First session

On 25th November we had our first session of #TheRevenueBreakfastClub by Beonprice: it was a great success! And thanks to both the participants of the debate and the attendees. On this occasion we have the participation of Guillermo Pérez, Neville Isaac, Eugenia Pérez, David López, Borja Ancizu and José Santas at the discussion table. We took away some very interesting conclusions from the debate:

  1. The recovery of the tourism sector is uneven depending on the destination.

    In view of this conclusion, we must take into account, for example, the disparity between Madrid (a city with national tourism) and Barcelona, whose tourism is more international. In the same way, we have seen differences between hotels on the peninsular coast and hotels on the islands. This is due to the restrictions established by the different countries from which we have received tourism year after year. The conditions in the country of origin of the demand for each destination is a key factor in the recovery of each region.

  2. Non-refundable rates remain effective.

    Recall that during the height of the pandemic in 2020, non-refundable rates could not be used, as consumer uncertainty required flexibility in purchasing. Well, this has changed and these fares are once again effective in incentivising demand. One way to counteract last minute bookings, while providing a degree of flexibility to the consumer, is to use semi-flexible fares with high lead times. This is a common practice in recent months in the industry and has not only been very well received by the market, but is helping to boost advance bookings.

  3. The Revenue Manager profile has evolved.

    Thanks to the implementation of technology within hotels, the RM has moved from a more operational position to a more strategic one. The new Revenue Managers need communication and leadership skills. At this point, we must remember that the implementation of technology not only helps in the evolution of the role of the Revenue Manager, but also in the improvement of results at a general level of the hotel. Here are 7 reasons why I believe an RMS can help you.

This first session of #TheRevenueBreakfastClub by Beonprice was very interesting and productive, and we would like to thank all the attendees for their presence and participation.

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