Using Micro-Moments in Your Hotel’s Distribution Strategy

by Beonprice - 29 December, 2016

Using Micro-Moments in Your Hotel’s Distribution Strategy

The consumption of business trips, idyllic honeymoons or last minute getaways has not changed much in the past few years, at least in terms of concept. 

What has evolved is the way in which consumers plan, book and experience these trips. We must assume that the mechanics of this “travel experience” and decision-making process has changed radically with the advent of the smart phone.

Mobile devices have become an essential element in our daily lives. Today, we are witnessing a substantial change in people’s habits regarding the consumption of information and its availability through different media. According to the company eMarketer, more than 52% of passengers who make a reservation will do so through a mobile device from 2016, rising to 43.8% in 2015.

Develops a number of concepts adapted to the mobile market, including the micro-moments, that structure the day into blocks of time and needs. This new viewpoint is inspiring the creation of new marketing and hotel distribution strategies that will be clearly readjusted in 2017. This concept is accompanied by changes in the algorithm and how we understand and continue to view information consumption via mobile devices. The idea arose at the same time that people began to use smartphones to quickly locate information, learn, view and make purchases.

It is important to develop and sift through this mobile technology concept approach in order to take advantage of its potential and above all the point of most use to us, the distribution of hotel product on the move:

Micro-moments. The immediate response to an impulse that the user turns to for an instant solution via a mobile device.

Dividing the day into blocks. Based on the concept of dividing the day up into parts, hotel managers can pay more attention to relevant strategies depending on the situation or context in which the potential guest can be found.

Integrar el concepto del “Micro-momento” en el ADN del hotel obliga al mismo a realizar un esfuerzo sobre estos 4 grupos de acciones clave:

  • Crear un sitio web optimizado 100% para móviles.

La web del hotel debe tener un diseño que de una respuesta adaptada a soportes móviles de una forma sencilla para potenciar la reserva móvil. Es importante que tanto el contenido cómo el estilo se conserven respecto a la web básica, de forma que se mantenga la experiencia de navegación del usuario. Conviene no redirigir a los huéspedes a otro sitio web ni obligarlos a esperar una confirmación. También es necesario tener en cuenta las búsquedas por voz ya que se plantean necesidades sobre contenido práctico y dinámico de consumo inmediato.

  • Contenido útil y práctico para el usuario.

The website must include practical information to deal with any queries that may arise during the trip. It may be an interesting idea to make the website a local guide. Providing information on transport, local restaurants, shops or excursions can be a useful way of increase website traffic and, at the same time, selling complementary services. Chatbots or instant messaging systems are currently a highly useful way of resolving any doubts that arise before, during and after the trip.

  • Implementar un motor de reservas optimizado al móvil.

The booking experience must be the same for mobile devices as it is on the conventional website. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the software vendor takes this aspect into account. The priority is simplicity, so that the booking can be made easily and intuitively from a smart phone. It is advisable to limit the process to no more than 2 or 3 steps.

  • Reajustar su estrategia de Revenue pensando en esta tipología de usuario móvil.

This movement requires consideration of more flexible and attractive concepts to encourage impulsive bookings. Examples of this may be special offers, last minute discounts and the integration of experiences at the destination adding value to the booking. We must provide solutions for users who need an effective response to their needs, without forgetting that these solutions must fit into the establishment’s pricing policy.

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