Video as a Distribution Tool for Your Hotel

by usuario4 usuario4 - 31 January, 2018

Video as a Distribution Tool for Your Hotel

To synthesize video marketing with an example of video usage from the internet, we simply have to look at the figures of the leading platform for video consumption on the Internet. 

YouTube, and the 1,000 million people who watch their more than 6,000 million hours of video per month, are a factor of recognition of consumption that should make us raise the content published in our networks as a connector with our audience, both through organic positioning or paying for it. The video consumption on YouTube has multiplied by ten in the last five years and is dangerously close to the quotas that television has in terms of number of spectators.

The repercussion of video consumption in the network indicates an opportunity to analyze these platforms as means to connect with very specific audiences and generate a relevant impact for the firm. Committing to the current video consumption trend, and having a viewer base on our video content, and can be directly proportional to a gradual increase in traffic and direct booking on the hotel website.

At Beonprice, we have analyzed some of the reasons why working with a video marketing strategy in hotels is a fantastic idea to connect with target customer and improve bottom-line results:

  • Low cost over the traditional Video Marketing approach.

Traditionally, independent hotels have not considered taking the broadcast actions of hotel chains and had to assemble complicated campaigns with an expensive process, endless licensing concessions and restrictive regulations on television that made it, in the end, expensive and conditioned to projects with a large scope (cost).

Today’s technology makes it easier when it comes to making our video campaigns visible through platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. The impact on certain audiences, both technically and economically, makes the usage of video marketing viable. The transmission in real time of Facebook Live or Periscope was something unthinkable a few years ago and now it’s a reality. Micro television channels can be generated within reach of any user and can be directed towards specific audiences. These actions are based with an affordable return on accommodation that allows the use of high value content with a high impact.

  • Creating impact that reaches specific niche markets

The trends of consumption of audio-visual content in Millennials tells us that our clients would rather choose digital streaming content rather than that from television. According tostudy carried out by the company GFK, in the last 7 years 33% of people aged 16-24 have reduced their television consumption time by one third contrasting it to online video reproductions, it makes the accommodations targeting of this segment of travelers attractive and taking them into account as potential clients.

  • Reuse of the contents to generate engagement.

Video usage makes this an ideal format from which to reuse the content of different areas for the digital marketing strategy of the hotel and to enhance the visibility of these as well. Video reportedly generates more confidence and credibility than any other format. Not only does it attract new kinds of travelers, but it can be linked to the hotel’s value proposition. If we offer content of interest in the video, we increase the engagement or even the commitment of travelers. This phenomenon based on the creation of relationships between our hotel and the tourist just passing by goes further, so it is important to consider this relationship in the prescription of these about our brand. In order to attract a wider range of audiences, we must try to generate content in a range of different formats and try to connect with various typologies of travelers relevant to the accommodation we offer.

The video marketing strategy has to be raised in terms of usage when it comes to organic searches of content on demand. If a traveler is looking for information about a hotel and wants to get a general perspective of the services it offers, it is much easier for him/her to see a video that condenses the features of the hotel and rooms being offered in an attractive way. With all this, we encourage you to place your video as a valid content device in the visibility strategy of your accommodation and see it as a simple way to connect with the traveller and improve the usefulness of your website.

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