What Can Pinterest Contribute to My Marketing Strategy?

by Beonprice - 17 March, 2017

What Can Pinterest Contribute to My Marketing Strategy?

It is curious to see how one of the factors that generate influence for the traveler is the content generated by other travelers.

Nowadays, the traveller takes into account the opinion of third parties when making decisions or choosing the next place of his holidays.

The social network Pinterest, through its figures and with more than 100 million active users per month, becomes a channel to be taken into account. Yes, it is true that it is far below Facebook with its 1500 million, or Instagram and Twitter which have 300 million each. Despite this, Pinterest hosts a very interesting user profile for certain brands. The digital agency Modea has developed an infographics to find out who we are talking about in particular. According to the information obtained, the number of women is higher than that of men between the ages of 25 and 44. You can gather more information about Pinterest’s user profile here:

Infografía Pinterest

Through a study carried out by the company Crowdtap among a millennial profile, it is confirmed that 45% of respondents use websites with content generated by third parties to develop their vacation plans. This content may vary in format depending on the sender and receiver but, both in hotel chains and in independent hotels, it is being given more and more weight within their marketing strategies. Social networks have acquired, in this phase of influence, a very important weight. One of the trends that is gaining more social impact is to give guests the power of decision in the creation and customization of their stay.

According to a survey conducted by RJMetris of Pinterest users,’Holidays and events’ is the fourth most popular category among women and’Travel’ the eleventh. Therefore, the tourism industry must welcome what is happening on this social network.


From the hotel’s point of view, the Pinterest social network can benefit you by both brand and traffic. We must take the necessary actions to optimize both our profile and our activity to obtain the best results. From Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Land we propose a series of very interesting actions to promote both the brand and traffic to our website with Pinterest:

  • Make the created profile easy to find. The trade name is self-explanatory and easy to spell. The ideal length of a user name is 3-15 characters.

  • Optimize titles and descriptions of the boards. Both for the user’s own understanding of the content and for obtaining traffic through certain key searches, it is important not to overlook the titles and descriptions of the pins and dashboards.

  • Add sharing buttons in Pinterest and its contents. To increase the crossover between the website and your associated Pinterest account, adding a Pin It button for your website content is a wise choice. This allows people to connect and share their content on Pinterest.

  • Encourage collaborative and participatory content. It is about making the most of your own and user-generated content. It is possible to create a collaborative dashboard that allows fans to post photos of how they interact with the product, good or service.

  • Ensure that the content boards reflect the essence of the brand. It is common to confuse the contents and lose the focus of the information that so favors and reinforces the brand. We must not lose that business vision as it can also mislead the potential customer.

  • Take advantage of the possibilities of Rich Pins. These special Pinterest pins offer additional information to interact with the contents in relation to the pin category.

From the online presence in Pinterest we can track the traffic and sales that the fact of being in this social network means to us. In this way, we will be able to quantify the cost-benefit of attracting certain travelers and generate branding through this tool.

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