2021, putting the cherry on the cake

Proud of the work done by the technical team during 2020, and with the foundations laid to face 2021 with great optimism.

By Emilio Galán, CTO & Co-Founder Beonprice

  • 15% improvement in the relative accuracy of our artificial intelligence algorithms for calculating predictions/forecast, thanks to the incorporation of a greater volume of data related to market behaviour, which “represents a great success for Beonprice, especially considering the changes that have occurred in the demand behaviour” as my colleague Vanessa Hernández commented on from the Data Analytics team;
  • and with 18 new integrations with third-party systems, specifically with new partners such as PMSs and Channel Managers, which, according to Carlos Chocarro, from the Integrations department, “is a great step forward to extend our automatic interoperability to a greater number of clients”.

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