What are our strenghts?

Maximize profits

by finding the best combination between the consumer demand and hotel supply through technology.

Capture the maximum market

We offer an integrated revenue management solution that allows our customers to capture the maximum possible market share based on all available information.

Optimizing your strategy

with an RMS that adapts to the particularities of your business and enables decision-making based on reliable data. We also adjust to the maturity of the client in terms of revenue to offer a solution tailored to its profile.

Best customer success ever

Our service includes technical support in Spanish / English, technical training and accompaniment by account managers specialized in revenue management.

What makes us unique?

Our Unique Selling Point: HQI™

  • Beonprice has developed its own algorithm with the most accurate data of the market.
  • We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to stay on top of things.
  • Capturing market demand cannot be solely based on a low price.
  • Only Beonprice takes into account the quality of your hotel and your competitors, to make sure you capture the demand based on spot-on positioning.
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One stop shop

  • No need to buy pricing data from other suppliers.
  • It has a Market Intelligence functionality integrated into the RMS, which provides information on the tariff movements made by the competition, supply, demand forecast, disparity analysis and online reputation analysis.
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And also… We integrate very quickly.

Beonprice is integrated with the world’s leading PMS, Channels manager and CRS with a list that grows every day. Check yours

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Y te ofrecemos formación para los revenue managers

Queremos ayudarte a ser mejor profesional y estar al día de las tendencias del mercado, por eso tenemos la formación a tu alcance.

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Your online reputation and quality data has a new look.

Product Update: Pick-up improvements

Beonprice introduces improved visualisation of pick-up data within RMS

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Product Update: sending recommendations

Beonprice improves the experience of viewing data and sending recommendations, with its new table view display.

Product update: inventory and rate structure

Beonprice allows you to optimise your time and pricing strategies, allowing for greater flexibility in inventory configuration.

Product Update: Reporting

Beonprice launches its new reporting functionality, in partnership with Juyo Analytics, facilitating data visualisation for strategic decision making.

Product Update: Double Segmentation

Beonprice introduces its new double segmentation functionality, which will allow hoteliers to better understand their demand and improve distribution.

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Understanding future demand is particularly relevant when the tourism sector is at a critical juncture.
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