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Discover the latest ideas and trends in the hotel industry

How to boost visits to your website and convert them into actual reservations

Julia Rey
May 2020 — 525 vistas

Revenue for the future V: Reviewing protocols and roles

Julia Rey
May 2020 — 552 vistas

Have we passed the worst?

Neville Isaac
May 2020 — 540 vistas

Is an RMS still useful at this time of crisis?

Emilio Galán Martín
May 2020 — 794 vistas

Revenue for the future IV - Segmentation

Julia Rey
April 2020 — 867 vistas

Revenue for the future III: Analysis of the market

Julia Rey
April 2020 — 776 vistas

Data update Madrid & Barcelona

Neville Isaac
April 2020 — 725 vistas

Revenue for the future II: Pricing management

Julia Rey
April 2020 — 1109 vistas

Revenue for the future I: Inventory management and distribution

Julia Rey
April 2020 — 1192 vistas

Revenue Management never stops

Neville Isaac
April 2020 — 741 vistas

Revenue Management never stops

Neville Isaac
March 2020 — 1051 vistas

Cancellations and No Show in Madrid and Barcelona

Julia Rey
March 2020 — 1125 vistas

Some recommendations and data in times of crisis

Julia Rey
March 2020 — 586 vistas

How to Boost Guest Loyalty and Profitability Through Pricing?

Jannik Heitmüller
February 2020 — 911 vistas

Knowing who's who of the hotel industry

Nuria García
November 2019 — 1480 vistas

Technological innovation in Hotel Management in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

Nuria García
October 2019 — 1507 vistas

We attended the Graduation of the title of Expert in Revenue Management of the URJC

Neville Isaac
October 2019 — 1558 vistas

Webinar in LATAM with our partner Siteminder

Nuria García
September 2019 — 1391 vistas

Working breakfast on technological innovation in hotel management in Medellín

Nuria García
September 2019 — 1552 vistas

Beonprice tells you about the experience at IHTF  Forum Croatia

Nuria García
May 2019 — 2655 vistas

6 things we learned from HSMAI Roc & Doc

Nuria García
April 2019 — 2442 vistas

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Revenue Management Strategy

Top Challenges Faced When Implementing RMS Technology

See you at The Hotel Data Game!

Nuria García
September 2018 — 2744 vistas Eventos

Key Factors for Designing the Perfect Forecast

Nuria García
September 2018 — 3407 vistas BeonpriceForecastNewsPrevisiones

Beonprice Selected to Present Pitch at Startup Olé 2018

Nuria García
April 2018 — 3560 vistas Events

5 Ways to Improve Your Demand Forecast

Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Revenue Management Plan

10 Conclusions from the VIII Conference

More Than 75 Hoteliers at Beonprice's  Business Breakfast

March 2018 — 2249 vistas BeonpriceCotelcoGoogleNewsRoiback

What Should Your Website Include to Improve Bookings?

5 Principles to Improve Your Hotel’s Conversion Rate

The Search Funnel in Your Distribution Strategy

What Can a Revenue Manager Learn from Facebook Ads?

Improve Your Revenue Management to Boost Hotel Performance

Video as a Distribution Tool for Your Hotel

What Can We Learn from Airbnb?

Why Are Marketing Costs Still Rising?

Beonprice Presents Its New Brand Image

Customer Centricity to Improve Your Value Proposition

Chatbots as a Marketing Tool for Your Establishment

4 Formulas to Improve Your Hotel's Pricing Strategy

Tips on How to Boost Your Hotel's Occupancy Rate

Automate for a More Efficient Revenue Management

Blockchain's Influence on Tourism Distribution

5 Advantages of Business Intelligence in Revenue

Neville, Director of Customer Experience at Beonprice

Define Your Hotel's Strategy by Distribution Channels

Boost Your Direct Booking Strategy With Google Analytics

Improve the Traveler Experience With Email Automation

Keep the integrity of your rates in check!

November 2017 — 1172 vistas

Tips to Increase Your Hotel's Profitability

Beonprice Shares Its Experience at the World Travel Market 2017

The 5 Key Pillars You Need for a Solid Marketing Strategy

Turn Guest Experience into a Competitive Advantage

5 Factors That Alter Demand Forecasts

The Convergence of Marketing and Revenue Management

Track the Evolution of Your Hotel's Revenue Management

5 Reasons to Use SMS to Enhance Your Hotel Experience

5 Ways Your Hotel Can Compete with Intermediaries

The Impact of Revenue Management on Hotel Performance

4 Ways to Maximize Your Guests' Lifetime Value

10 Metrics for Analyzing Your Sales and Distribution

Analyze Your Competitors to Improve Hotel Revenue

Using Facebook to Improve Your Revenue Management Strategy

Latest Google Trends and News for the Revenue Management Department

Beonprice Builds International Network with New Madrid Office

September 2017 — 2194 vistas News

Tips for Defining the Right Pricing Strategy

Use These 5 Tips to Define Your Hotel's Pricing Strategy

Automate Your Marketing to Improve Guest Interaction

10 Ways To Keep Up with Online Marketing Best Practices

Maximize Revenue with a Strong Revenue Management Strategy

Revenue Management- A Competitive Differentiation

Combining Price Offer with a Good Online Reputation

July 2017 — 1157 vistas News

Phocuswright on Technological Innovation in Tourism

July 2017 — 1673 vistas Machine learningNews

5 Tips For Using Guest Feedback in Revenue Management

Enhance Hotel Profitability with Revenue Management

5 Reasons to Include Metasearch in Your Distribution

Don't be Sold a Pig in a Poke: 20 Questions to Ask an RMS [Part 2]

10 Metrics for Improving Your Revenue Management Strategy

Don't be Sold a Pig in a Poke: 20 Questions To Ask an RMS [Part 1]

Beonprice Revolutionizes the Mexican Market

RMS Aims to Build the Perfect Pricing Strategy for Hotels

K Fund Invests 1.4 Million on Beonprice's Hotel Platform

May 2017 — 1256 vistas News

Adapting Your Product Strategy to Millennials

Business Intelligence for a Competitive Advantage

Objective: Maximize Profitability with Revenue Management

Chatbots and the Potential of Social Selling

Personalization as a Competitive Advantage

Choose the Right PMS for Your Hotel with These Tips

Why Has Revenue Management Become Essential to Hotels

Make the Most of Your Hotel Services to Maximize Revenue

Why Use a Channel Manager?

Evaluate Your Booking Channels to Improve Distribution

The Benefits of Working with an RMS in Your Hotel

The 7 Foundations of Revenue Management for Your Property

10 Tips for Improving Your Hotel's Google Rankings

What Can Pinterest Contribute to My Marketing Strategy?

Instant Messaging as a Marketing Tool for Your Hotel Unveils Major Travel Trends for 2017

March 2017 — 3060 vistas Acciones claveNews

Cornell University on the Future of Revenue Management

10 Key Actions for Boosting Hotel Sales

Useful Parameters for Identifying Your Hotel's Comp Set

5 Tips for Optimizing Revenue Management Meetings

Why Is Online Reputation Key in Revenue Management?

5 Tips for Managing a 360º Revenue Management Strategy

Tips to Improve Your Hotel Occupancy from Monday to Friday

Geolocation as a Tool for Capturing Market Segments

5 Google Analytics Metrics for Improving Guest Knowledge

Nuria García
January 2017 — 2129 vistas AlojamientoInteresesMóvilNewsPágina webTecnologíaUsuario

Ways to Provide Value in All 8 Stages of Travel

Nuria García
January 2017 — 4166 vistas InspiraciónMarketingNewsPlanificaciónreservasTripadvisorViajes

Uses of Big Data to Improve Your Pricing Strategy

Using Micro-Moments in Your Hotel's Distribution Strategy

Questions to Ask When Planning Your Pricing Strategy

5 Ways for Increasing Millennial Traveler Direct Bookings

Nuria García
December 2016 — 1810 vistas AlojamientomillenialsNewsreservasRevenue managementventa directa

10 Conclusions from the Congress of Spanish Hoteliers

Nuria García
December 2016 — 1593 vistas CehatEventosNewsRevenue management

The Best Articles About Beonprice in Tecnohotel

December 2016 — 1584 vistas AlojamientosNewsRevenue managementTecnohotel

The Best Articles About Beonprice in Hosteltur

December 2016 — 1462 vistas AlojamientoArtículosHostelturNewsRevenue management

Beonprice, Success of 'Big Data' in the Hotel Sector

November 2016 — 1318 vistas News

Beonprice Will Be Spain's ICT Representative at Seua 2016

Nuria García
September 2016 — 1513 vistas Cinco díasNewsPremioSEUATIC

A Hotel Finder for Its Owners

November 2015 — 1945 vistas AlojamientosDirectores de hotelesEl mundoNewsRevenue management

The Hotel Platform for Hotel Managers

April 2014 — 1215 vistas Directores de hotelesEl economistaNewsRevenue management

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