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"We have boosted our RevPAR by 11% with Beonprice."

At Beonprice we are analytical and quantitative by nature, we see technology as an investment, not an expense. We offer an artificial intelligence solution, and we like to ensure the ROI when a hotel or chain chooses to trust in Beonprice.

We know that it is not always easy to change organizational habits. We also understand what happens when you are able to trace distribution costs and how the establishment learns to readjust its efficiency after working with an RMS.

If words are not backed by quantified data, they are of little use, especially if you work with an RMS.

We would like to share a few experiences and results that Beonprice has achieved throughout the years.

With currently more than 2,000 hotels, we thought it would be interesting to share HM Hotels success story and the steps they took to increase their RevPAR by 11%.

Want to download the full success story? Leave us your details below.


Want to download the full success story?

Learn the key steps HM Hotels took to increase their RevPAR by 11%.


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