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Strategic Revenue Optimization Solution

We are an RMS with three levels of service.
Choose the level that best fits your needs.


Pricing recommendations according to your market


Data powered revenue


Real-time publishing


A set of superpowers- it would be too humble to call them features- designed to inform and help you decide.

Data speaks, you judge.

                                                                  Focus on the metrics.

Increase your RevPAR based on data.

Get better results.

We help you make better decisons faster.

The best support.

We’re here every step of the way.

Optimal pricing for every room.

Focus on your hotel's strategy and let the algorithm do the work.

Dashboard beonprice

Integrated with your PMS and Channel Manager.

We integrate with your PMS and Channel Manager to provide you with the most reliable and accurate data you need every time.

Monitor and compare your forecast and budget side by side.

Control your forecast and budget easily with the control panel.

Vista detalle Beonprice

Dynamic recommendations by segment and room.

Adapt pricing to your hotel's segments, in addition to room type.

Recommendations related to: unlimited prices and derived rates, MLOS quotes and overbooking.

Adapt rates to your business needs so that you can make the best decisions at any time. 

PMS and Channel Manager integrations.

We adapt to all other software your hotel uses to give you the precise data you need.

Forecast vs budget.

Compare in real time the execution of your budget versus what is expected, so that your hotel's figures add up.

Group quotes and displacement

It has never been easier to estimate group profitability. In a fast and precise way, you will make the best decision for your hotel.

Pricing recommendations

Get pricing recommendations according to your market. 

Competitive positioning (BQI® Index).

Know the objective quality of your hotel and those of your competitors.

Competitors’ prices.

Update rates in real time so you can make the best decisions.

Rate integrity.

Be aware of any market disparities so that they do not impact your hotel's bottom line.

Online reputation.

Filter and analyze online guest reviews.

Local events.

Record all events that affect demand.

Dashboard with complete view of your hotel.

Manage your hotel from a single dashboard and strategic vision.

Real-time updates.

Update data in real time to take advantage of market changes.


Stay up to date with everything that happens without interrupting your daily life.

Business rules.

Personalize the platform to your business needs.

Real- time publishing.

Focus on what's important for your hotel and let the algorithms do the work.

Further demand forecasting.

Know the market demand at all times to make the most strategic decisions.                  

Personalized pricing.

Offer personalized rates for each person who books with your hotel. If we know what your guests need, we can adapt rates to their needs. 

Personalized reports for each member of your team.

Configure your team's personalized reports to keep everyone updated on a daily basis at a glance.

Explore the possibilities Beonprice can offer your business.                                                                          Request your no-commitment personalized demo.

Vista detalle Beonprice

The accuracy of the algorithm.
The excellent support.

It's always about you: the accuracy of the algorithm, the Big Data, the incredible algorithm calculations that need training, knowledge and committed support.

There is no point in improving business if we don’t help you.

We integrate very quickly.

Beonprice is integrated with the world's leading PMS, Channel Managers and CRS and the list is ever-growing. If yours isn't on the list, we’ll include it faster than you can imagine.


Mentoring for revenue managers.

We want to help you be a better professional and stay up to date with market trends. That's why you have the best training at your fingertips.


Get in Touch.

We’re always available to chat with you:)